Boys to Men Mentoring is a group mentoring program that offers boys a community of male role models. Weekly meetings offer boys a community for them to feel valued, supported, heard and encouraged to take responsibility for their actions.

Boys to Men trained mentors show up at middle schools, high schools and foster care facilities willing to listen, encourage and offer the empowerment boys seek to make positive changes in their lives.

At a Partnering School – Please check our list of partnering schools to see if your school partners with BTM.

To attend a School based meeting; boys are invited to contact their School Dean or School Counselor & request to attend one of our on-site or after school mtgs.

EVENING MEETING – To get involved with one of our 3 local San Diego evening meeting; boys, parents and guardians can contact our office and let us know you are interested in attending a Boys to Men evening meeting. Our staff will be happy to discuss our program and details of how to attend a local San Diego group meeting.

No. All boys need more good men in their lives, even those who have good fathers. The Boys to Men program is for any boy that wants to be a better man.

Every boy between the age of 12 and 17 is eligible.

There is NO Registration/Dues Fee for a boy to attend Boys to Men program meetings.  Boys to Men does offer an Adventure Mountain Weekend and other special events at discounted rates.

Boys  to Men serves 686 local San Diego boys annually.

Boys to Men has served more than 6,000 San Diego local boys since 1996.

Boys to Men has served more than 10,000 boys throughout the U.S. and internationally since 1998.


 No, Boys to Men has no religious affiliation or religious teachings. We support each boy’s individual spiritual tradition and journey.

The Boys to Men program is the only program of its kind that offers boys a community of support throughout their middle school and high school years and beyond.

Boys to Men provides a safe forum where boys are able to discuss the choices they are faced at this critical window of time in their lives.  Boys naturally look towards men to challenge, guide, and help them become good men.

Each prospective mentor completes our interview process.

Completes our Mentor and Background check Application (as well as any additional school district background checks required)

Provides Proof of Auto Insurance

Each Mentor pledges to attend community meetings for one full year.

TIME COMMIMENT – Community meetings meet 1-hour a week during the school calendar year.  Varying times and locations to accommodate mentors busy schedules.

–       Day meetings meet during the school day – perfect for self-employed, flexible work schedules, and retired individuals

–       Evening meetings are in Spring Valley/La Mesa area, Encinitas, and Vista Grande Community – group meetings are bi-weekly for 1-hour

A Boys to Men Mentor is a man who volunteers to meet in a community of men and boys on a regular basis. Mentors help young men on their journey to adulthood. They listen to what the boys have to say, accepting who they are and where they are on their path.  Mentors support and encourage by sharing their experiences and showing the traits of a good man in his interactions.

Boys to Men Mentor Training – once the interview and background check process has completed all mentors are required to attend an 8-hour mentor orientation, and receive ongoing feedback and training from Boys to Men staff before and after the weekly sessions.

Mentors are trained for effective listening techniques for teenage boys and are educated about specific topics ranging from the Man Battle, Ownership, Responsibility, Integrity, Life Skills, and Respect.

“Reclaiming the Teenage Fire” and Mentor Training Weekend – Boys to Men developed this powerful training tool – a free training weekend.

This effective training weekend takes men back into your own hopes, fears, dreams, and experiences of adolescence. We’ll help you identify your own strengths and style of mentoring, and of course we’ll share what we know about how to be with boys in a way that will change.

This process of “reclaiming their teenager” gives men a new perspective about teenage boys. They learn that being of service to boys helps them to be better men.

The Boys to Men Mentoring Network, Inc. Board of Directors sets policy, ensures that the mission is being served, and has fiduciary responsibility for the organization. The President/CEO of Boys to Men Mentoring is Craig McClain.  Mr. McClain Co-founded BTM in 1998 with Co-founder Joe Sigurdson, and they both are widely recognized leaders in the local and international community of Boys to Men world-wide centers.  Craig manages a staff of 3 professional employees, all-working on behalf of San Diego county’s most at-risk youth boys.

Boys to Men Mentoring Network is a private, nonprofit organization designated as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization by the IRS. In 2012-13, 66% of revenue came from our annual fundraising event; 21% of revenue came from the generosity of individuals and private donors, 13% of revenue came from foundation and corporation grants, and the Boys to Men organization receives no government or state funding.

All contributions to Boys to Men are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law.

The operating budget in 2012-13 was $296,719. A total of 66% of expenditures directly supported the mission and program costs of Boys to Men, while 34% of expenditures covered costs of administration, management (combined-16%) and fundraising (18%).

Please read how the Boys to Men program positively influences boys in the Case Study completed by the University of San Diego.

The Boys to Men experience gives young men higher self-esteem, empowered sense of self, and a greater capacity for compassion and empathy. These valuable life skills give them the tools they need to become a better man. The desired outcomes of the program are to produce boys who become leaders, productive citizens, successful businessmen, gainfully employed, educated, managing their emotions, and participating actively in their families.