Updated: June 19, 2020; 6:40 PM PDT

After consulting with local officials and monitoring the County of San Diego’s COVID-19 website updates, we concluded that the safety of our boys and mentors takes priority over our desire to meet with the boys in-person. With this in mind, we will be postponing in-person summer events like Surf Nights, Open Community groups, and other summer social gatherings until San Diego County begins implementing the Phase 4 reopening plan. This is due to the recent mandate of masks in public and the restricting of group gatherings being limited to those within the same household. We are hoping that these restrictions will be lessened by the end of July allowing us to meet with the boys before schools re-open.

Our Virtual Mentoring Program will continue throughout the duration of the summer through community-based groups. If you would like to participate in our virtual groups, and have not done so already, please contact the Mentor Coordinator, Marco Rodriguez, at 619-323-1280 or marco@boystomen.org. While all locations, dates, and times are subject to change, we plan to host three Surf Nights this year at Mission Beach, Law Street Pacific Beach, and Cardiff State Beach beginning late July from 12pm-5pm.

Additionally, we hope to introduce Hangouts at Rohr Park and Balboa Park which will be from 12pm-3pm. Open Community Groups are scheduled to resume in August 2020 on a biweekly basis with the time and location still pending. We will continue to monitor official government websites so that we can set some concrete dates as local laws and guidelines change. The safety of our boys, their families, and our mentors will continue to influence how we reintroduce our programs back into the community. Our plans will remain flexible from week to week, we will be using the re-opening plans of our school partners as our guide. We appreciate your patience and support during these trying times.

Updated: May 5, 2020; 3:52 PM PDT

Our Virtual Mentoring Program has officially launched! With the support of our school partners, we are now facilitating 12 weekly groups with the support of our mentors. As the groups continue to grow in size, our mentors are also meeting biweekly to stay connected to one another and receive ongoing feedback and training. We want to thank our school partners for working with us to transition the boys into virtual mentoring as well as our parents/guardians who have allowed us to continue meeting with the boys on a regular basis. The office remains closed until further notice.

Updated: April 13, 2020; 4:45 PM PDT

We are excited to announce the Virtual Mentoring Program (VMP) with Boys to Men Mentoring.

We, at Boys to Men Mentoring, have been challenged to embrace the transformational power of change.  Since COVID-19 threatened to disconnect us from our boys and mentors, we quickly pivoted our resources to support the creation of a new form of mentoring support that introduces our programming into the virtual space. This allows our boys and mentors to continue receiving the critical emotional support they need.

We are beginning to train mentors for the virtual program and welcome boys and their families to register for the virtual program. We encourage any applicable boys and mentors to reach out to the following staff members to get started:

We look forward to relaunching our School and Open Community Programs in Fall 2020 when we are allowed to return to some version of normal life, school, and business again.

Due to CDC recommendations, the BTM office will remain closed during this time.

Updated: March 12, 2020; 11:29 AM PDT

We recognize the impact and uncertainty that the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is creating in our communities. As always, the health and safety of our BTM program participants, staff, and mentors remains of utmost importance to us. 

At this time, the BTM office will be closed until March 31, 2020 and all staff will be working remotely during that time so we strongly encourage the use of email correspondence to receive the quickest response. Additional adjustments have been made to our internal policies for the next thirty (30) days.

We have cancelled the following:

  • All BTM in-school group sessions through March 31, 2020 or later (additional dates may be applicable in accordance with school district closures)
  • Adventure Mountain Weekend (March 20-22, 2020) 
  • All BTM Community Engagement Activities through March 31, 2020

We are also working directly with all of our partner school districts and schools to establish preparedness plans informed by program guidelines and best practices and will send out this information accordingly to impacted staff and participants. We are committed to minimizing disruptions to our work but will continue to make adjustments as circumstances change. 

We urge everyone to follow recommendations from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) to help slow the spread of illness. For all information related to COVID-19, including steps you can take to protect yourself and others from illness, please visit https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov.

Our priority remains keeping our BTM family safe and well-informed while doing what we can to help minimize the potential spread of the coronavirus. We thank you for your cooperation.

All my gratitude,

Rose Courtney, Executive Director