Boys to men is not just a group, but a foundation built on trust, friendship, and family. The best group of people my son could be with. What a profound difference they have and are making in our youth’s lives. Thank you so much!

Danielle, BTM Mom

When my son started Boys to Men he struggled in school because he didn’t believe in himself. Now he is an Honor Student!

The transformation has been more then amazing! Boys to Men has helped my son grow from a shy boy unable to speak up for himself, into a confident young man who is a leader among his peers.

Leticia, BTM Mom

I am not sure what you did, but my son came back a different person.  His anger was gone and I could see peace in his eyes.

I cried tears of joy and hope as he told me about the weekend. I forgot what joy and hope felt like. The only tears I have cried in the past five years were despair.

THANK YOU for giving me my son back.

Lori, BTM Mom

I love all the men involved in Boys to Men.  I honor your commitment, and I am deeply touched at how much you have been there for Michael and Julian.  I hold constant prayers and energy for the wisdom and guidance you bring to my boys.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  A really big, big bear hug and you can count on me to support you in any way that I can.

Juanita, BTM Mom

When my husband died I was so afraid for my son. Who would teach him how to be a man? Would he ever get over the anger and sadness he carried? You answered that question.

Years of therapy could not have accomplished what has already been done with BTM.   You have modeled and he has followed.  I have huge gratitude for the opportunity he has had to work through this in a safe place with men that love him.  Thank you for the gift you give to these boys.

Love, Love, Love

Debra, BTM Mom