I have seen young men with serious discipline issues join Boys to Men and gradually transform into honorable, honest, mature leaders on this campus. 

David Geck, Dean of Students, Spring Valley Middle School

Boys to Men has been an incredible resource for our male students! Their commitment to mentor, motivate and inspire even the most at risk boys has been invaluable. Our boys know there is a safe place for them to be real and feel understood. We are so grateful for the work that Boys to Men is doing here at La Mesa Middle School. They are truly changing lives.

Bonnie Hayman, Counselor, La Mesa Middle School

The Boys to Men program provides a much, much needed service to our young men who are desperately trying to navigate through a very challenging world. The absence of true role models for our youth today is being addressed through this transformative program.

Beth Thomas, Principal, La Mesa Middle School

The impact that the Boys to Men program on La Mesa Middle School students has been incredibly powerful! Their commitment to provide a safe environment for young men to grow and learn from the collective experience of other young men and mentors has helped change the lives. We are truly thankful for their work here with the young men on campus.

Rob Myrick, Dean of Students, La Mesa Middle School

In my 24 years as a school counselor, I have never witnessed a program as powerful and effective as Boys to Men. I have seen this program make remarkable changes in our toughest boys.

Bruce Crenshaw, Counselor, Spring Valley Middle School

In my lifetime in education, Boys to Men is the best program for boys I have ever seen. I have witnessed dozens of so called “tough” kids headed for trouble, get out of a gang, stop substance abuse, stay in school and turn their lives around after attending the groups.

Jim Justeson, Ph.D. Retired School Superintendent

I can’t say enough positive things about Boys to Men! Our students have a history of behavioral challenges and family trauma.  If Boys to Men can engage our students, I am confident that they can reach any student.

Jenine Henry, Principal, REACH Academy

I find words inadequate to describe the profound impact Boys to Men has had on the lives of our students. This program has been responsible for the transformation of some of our toughest at-risk youth.

Dana Wright, Principal, Spring Valley Middle School