Our Community

Boys to Men is a community of dedicated men who are able to guide and support young, often fatherless boys on their journey to manhood.

We have a proven approach to producing real change within young men, and we couldn’t be more excited to lead the charge in a much overdue movement.  The circumstances and daily environment that many of our nations youth experience is absolutely heart breaking. Despite this reality, Boys to Men can’t help but remain passionate and optimistic, for we have found a real answer that produces real change.

What We Do

Every week Boys to Men mentors show up at middle schools, high schools and foster care facilities to give teenage boys a community of mentors who listen, encourage and believe in them. 75% of the boys in the program are growing up without a father.

The community based mentoring approach give boys a variety of male role models who show up consistently, tell the truth about our struggles as men, ask the boys what kind of man they want to be, praise them for their gifts, support them when they screw up, and encourage them to become the man they want to be.

We are dedicated to providing this opportunity to every boy in need.


The Boys to Men Mentoring Network was founded in 1996 by Herb Sigurdson (1927-1997), Joe Sigurdson and Craig McClain. Herb was a former Executive Director of Father Flannigan’s Boys Town and worked his whole life assisting men and youth to build a better world.

boys and men in circle


Herb, Joe and Craig assembled a team of committed men to create a mentoring program for teenage boys. They designed a mentoring program that includes elements of community involvement, a boys adventure weekend and effective mentoring practices.

Boys to Men is a model program that is being replicated on a community level to help young men throughout the world. Since 1996 the program has spread across the United States, and now has international centers in Canada, Europe and South Africa.  More than 7,000 boys and men have participated in our program as of March 2012 within San Diego County.

In August, 2009 we started a Boy to Men program in the public school system. This site based group mentoring model has become a resounding success with school administrators, parents, mentors and most importantly…the boys.