In-School Mentoring

In-School Mentoring

Our largest program, the in-school group mentoring, allows us to work directly with boys on a weekly basis throughout the academic year. By partnering with various school partners around San Diego County, school administrators help us identify boys who are at-risk of educational failure, dropping out of school, juvenile delinquency, or engaging in gangs. Additionally, Boys to Men groups are open to all boys so we also have boys from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds making our group circles diverse and dynamic.

In addition, 40% of our current program participants are fatherless, and over 95% are on free or reduced lunch.

Our community mentoring approach is drawing high praise from school principals, administrators and teachers for its documented ability to improve the academic performance, attendance, and attitude as well as reduce disciplinary issues, expulsion, and dropout rates of their most at-risk boys. School records show boys who participated for one school year improved their GPA by an average of 27% and their discipline incidents declined by 85%.

We utilize multiple methods to evaluate our impact including surveys, GPA and behavioral data, attendance, testimonials, and case studies in partnership with local universities.

"If I had a chance to talk to every middle school administrator in this country about the one thing they could do that could make a difference, it would be Boys to Men. I find words inadequate to describe the profound impact Boys to Men has had on the lives of our students. Boys to Men should be in every middle school." - Dana Wright, Principal, Spring Valley Middle School