Lauryn Herpin

Light Our Way 2021 Campaign

We hosted our first Virtual Talent Showcase featuring boys and mentors in April 2021. Jaiden, one of our boys attending groups in North County, submitted an original song offering an intimate glimpse into a young man’s journey through depression and thoughts of suicide. “Spring After Cold Winter” received the People’s Choice Award from an audience of our boys and mentors and provided the theme for the “Light Our Way” campaign sponsored by Advocates for Change Today (ACT), Boys to Men Mentoring, Project AWARE, …

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Mentor Chris Rubin Discusses the Virtual Mentoring Program

Pictured above: Volunteer Mentor Chris Rubin 1. When did you first hear about Boys to Men Mentoring (BTM)? I first heard about BTM in 2006, via the CEO of a company I was working for at the time. The annual corporate donation was going to BTM, and I asked him more about it. He told me I should talk to Craig… Then I met Craig and Joe, when I participated in the training experience—Reclaiming Your Teenage Fire weekend—soon thereafter. 2. How long have …

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Why Zoom?: An Overview

The safety of the Virtual Mentoring Program for all participating boys and mentors is our top priority. We have instituted several policies and additional security protocols into the curriculum to uphold a level of group confidentiality that makes everyone feel protected in virtual meetings. PRIVATE MEETINGS An NPR article recently exposed the problems that can result from hosting public Zoom meetings. Because of this, we will NEVER host a public virtual group meeting! The opportunity for hackers to enter a …

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