Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders: Boys to Men Mentoring’s Adventure Mountain Weekend December 2023

Boys to Men Mentoring (B2M) recently wrapped up their first Adventure Mountain Weekend (AMW) for the 2023-2024 academic year, leaving a lasting impact on the lives of fifteen young boys. This incredible weekend retreat, held at B2M’s Legacy Ranch in Palomar Mountain from December 1st to December 3rd, provided these boys with the opportunity to reflect on their personal growth and overcome the obstacles hindering their development.

The boys who participated in AMW were carefully selected based on their consistent display of respect, maturity, and readiness to take the next step in their personal growth. These boys, actively involved in B2M mentoring groups, were offered a chance to embark on a life-changing adventure that would challenge them to confront their personal barriers and discover their true selves.

Facilitated by twelve dedicated Journeymen, who had previously undergone the AMW experience, and supported by a team of twenty-five mentors, these young men were enveloped in a nurturing community. This unique blend of experienced mentors and peers created a safe and accepting environment in which the boys could openly share their experiences and struggles.

The weekend was filled with courageous conversations, allowing participants to address various issues such as overcoming drug addiction, prioritizing education, steering clear of gang affiliation, and communicating honestly with their parents. Guided by the B2M community, these brave young men found the strength to confront their challenges head-on and commit to positive changes in their lives.

Empowered by their mentors and peers, each participant developed a personalized roadmap to overcome bad habits and make better decisions. The support they received during AMW did not end on Sunday; it continues as these young men return to their schools and regularly meet with mentors and peers. They receive ongoing support and hold themselves accountable for the commitments they made on the mountain.

The impact of AMW extends beyond the weekend itself. B2M aims to offer this life-changing opportunity to one hundred young men in San Diego County this year. As the participants transition into the role of Journeymen, they will return to the mountain, ready to serve and support a new group of young men on their journey towards self-improvement.

Boys to Men Mentoring’s Adventure Mountain Weekend is not merely a retreat; it is a truly transformative experience that empowers young men to confront their challenges, voice their truth, and embrace positive change. With the support of mentors, peers, and the B2M community, these young men are on the path to becoming tomorrow’s leaders, shaping a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

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