Virtual Mentoring Program

Virtual Mentoring Program

The Virtual Mentoring Program was designed to help teenage boys cope with typical problems and issues at home during the COVID-19 pandemic and bring awareness and intention to the important choices all boys face in their adolescent development.

Our community based mentoring approach gives boys a variety of positive male role models who show up consistently, tell the truth about their struggles as men, ask the boys what kind of man they want to be, praise them for their gifts, support them when they mess up, and encourage them to become the man they want to be.

This approach gives the boys permission to tell the truth about the challenges all teenage boys face, make their own decisions on how to deal with those challenges, and begin to take responsibility for their choices and the consequences of their actions.

Each virtual meeting lasts approximately one (1) hour and is supported by one group facilitator and 1-4 additional volunteer male mentors. At this time, only current BTM program participants and volunteer mentors are eligible to participate in our Virtual Mentoring Program. Much of our curriculum has been adapted to facilitate groups in the virtual world.

To register for this program, please contact Program Manager Franco Saveedra at franco@boystomen.org.