Hope for the Holidays: Boys to Men Mentoring Network Spreads Joy in San Diego

In the heart of San Diego, the holiday season is about to get a whole lot brighter, thanks to Boys to Men Mentoring Network’s (B2M) annual “Hope for the Holidays” campaign. With a mission to bring joy to every boy participating in their life-transforming mentoring circles, B2M is set to make this festive season truly special for San Diego’s youth.Spreading Joy, One Gift at a TimeThe festive formula for “Hope for the Holidays” is simple yet powerful: San Diegans are …

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Black History Month

How do we define success?  Success is defined by “the correct or desired result of an attempt” and “the fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect, or fame” (1). These definitions of success are personal and built around goal setting.  As we at Boys to Men celebrate Black History Month, we strive to empower and amplify black voices by seeing, learning, and experiencing the world through the eyes of the young black men in our circles. The wisdom and insights …

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January is National Mentoring Month

The month of January celebrates the 20th Annual National Mentoring Month, a month-long campaign centered around the importance of mentorship. The campaign celebrates the positive impact mentoring can have on young lives with the goals of raising awareness, recruiting individuals to become mentors, and recruiting organizations to engage in mentoring.  Boys to Men Mentoring has shown the effectiveness of mentorship for the past 25 years in San Diego County, across the United States, and all over the world. In San …

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