Surfers and Runners TEAM UP for World Record-Breaking 1 Wave Challenge & Beach Run

Extending its impact zone beyond the surfing community, the world record-breaking 1 Wave Challenge charges into the New Year with a new name and an expanded constituency. Rebranded as the 1 Wave Challenge & Beach Run, the event invites runners and walkers to lace up their sneakers and head to La Jolla Shores on the morning of Saturday, January 27th.

In addition to offering surfers the chance to break the Guinness World Record for the most surfers riding a single wave into shore, the 1 Wave Challenge & Beach Run offers runners the chance to participate in an exhilarating 5-mile trek stretching from La Jolla Shores, to Blacks Beach, and to the southern rim of the Torrey Pines Golf Course where the Farmers Insurance Open will unfold.

An alternative 5K Beach Run/Walk will ensure that joggers and walkers, including families, can join in the fun.

The 1 Wave Challenge & Beach Run benefits Boys to Men Mentoring Network, a San Diego nonprofit dedicated to guiding and supporting at-risk and fatherless boys on their journey to manhood. Fueled by Boys to Men’s partnership with The Century Club of San Diego’s Champions for Youth campaign and a generous Title Sponsorship by Dr. Bronner’s All One!, the 1 Wave Challenge and Beach Run taps into the excitement of the closing weekend of the 2018 Farmers Insurance Open golf tournament.

The 1 Wave Challenge will attract 200 surfers to La Jolla Shores for the chance to smash the current world record for Most Surfers Riding One Wave, a feat accomplished almost ten years ago in Cape Town, South Africa, when 110 surfers rode a single wave to shore.

Envisioned as a counterpoint fundraiser to Boys to Men’s successful 100 Wave Challenge, the 1 Wave Challenge immerses a pack of big-hearted surfers in Boys to Men’s inspiring mission, empowering them to expand the positive impact the organization is making in the lives of hundreds of teenage boys.

Bringing the running community into the mix is a natural evolution of the event, which marks its third anniversary in 2018.

“Welcoming runners and walkers into the Boys to Men family builds on the exciting partnership we’ve developed with The Century Club, Champions for Youth, and the Farmers Insurance Open,” Boys to Men Executive Director Craig McClain said. “The 1 Wave Challenge & Beach Run gives surfers, runners, and walkers of all ages and abilities the chance to participate in something much larger than themselves at the start of a New Year. We see the event generating a spirit of excitement and possibility that will inspire our work throughout the coming year.”

The 1 Wave Challenge, 5-Mile Trail Run and 5K Beach registration fee is $40. A Surf/Run Combo Package is available for $70. Participation in the 1 Wave Challenge will be limited to 200 surfers.

Surfers, runners and walkers will be treated to delicious snacks and beverages provided by local food purveyors. They also will receive an exclusive event T-Shirt (and rash guard for surfers), commemorative medal, and a swag bag filled with goodies, and a beachside concert performed by Ryan Hiller.

Athletes also are encouraged to support Boys to Men Mentoring Network’s Champions for Youth campaign, “Stand Up for Their Dreams.” By accepting the invitation, participants can create their own personal fundraising pages and ask family, friends, and colleagues to sponsor their dreams of making history. Champions for Youth will amplify sponsor donations from a revenue pool made possible by the generosity of Century Club members, through the Farmers Insurance Open, San Diego’s PGA tour event.

The morning of January 27th will unfold in a way that sparks connections between event participants, aligning them with a shared sense of purpose. According to Easy Day Sports Founder and CEO Jamie Monroe, the 1 Wave Challenge & Beach Run is powered by that synergy.

“The event is a celebration of community and the environment,” Monroe explained. “After surfers paddle out together in hopes of riding a wave into history, runners and walkers will be on hand to cheer them on before taking off along two scenic routes stretching the length of the San Diego-Scripps State Marine Conservation Area. Our athletes will have the opportunity to test their endurance while immersing themselves in the beauty of a coastal ecosystem. Whether participating on land or in the water, their adventure will be an unforgettable experience.”

Kicking off a high-profile golf tournament with a surfing event was the brainchild of Ernie Hahn, Arena Group 2000 partner and longtime General Manager of the Valley View Casino Center. An avid surfer and golfer, Hahn understands the discipline and commitment required of athletes who excel in the water and on the links.

When presented with the idea of folding runners and walkers into the 1 Wave Challenge, Hahn jumped at the chance. “I didn’t hesitate,” he said, adding, “I saw it as a validation of our collective responsibility to invest in the lives of children and nurture their dreams.”

That spirit of giving back is the heartbeat of the life-changing group mentorship programs for which Boys to Men is known.

“Boys to Men’s community-based approach to mentorship gives boys the chance to interact with a variety of male role models from all walks of life.” Hahn explained. “Businessmen, artists and competitive athletes work closely with the boys, sharing with them important skills that give structure and purpose to their lives.”

David Bronner, CEO of Dr. Bronner’s All-One!, Title Sponsor of the 1 Wave Challenge & Beach Run, agrees. Boys to Men’s aptitude for building community has inspired his company’s generous financial support of the organization for nearly a decade.

“The 1 Wave Challenge & Beach Run is a fun and rewarding way to recruit new mentors and advocates into the Boys to Men community,” Bronner said. “We invite San Diegans to join us on the morning of January 27th to cheer on the surfers, runners and walkers who are committed to helping at -risk, often fatherless boys to turn their lives around, giving them the self-confidence and the life skills to become the men they want to be.”

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