Voice of San Diego – Partner Voices Story: Boys to Men Turns Young Lives Around Froning The Fittest Man In History (2015) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

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USD Case Study Highlights the Impact of Boys to Men

Purpose of Project Because at-risk youth are more likely to experience failure in school or drop out, schools continue to look for effective interventions for school-related problems affecting at-risk youth. Proponents of mentoring programs hypothesize that mentoring programs could be part of the answer to these problems; however, little research has been conducted evaluating the effectiveness of mentoring programs collaborating with schools. The BTM/middle school collaboration offers a great opportunity to investigate the relationship between mentoring and school counseling. Significance and Rationale The boys in the program are particularly at risk of missing school, low school achievement, being held back, acting out behaviorally, dropping out of school; and adversely affected by poverty, violence and substance abuse. Impact on Participants BTM positively influences student behavior – There are less high level infractions at school, boys are happier, have a more positive outlook on life, have improved self-esteem, and engage in less risk-taking behavior. BTM participants show improved grades, increased attendance, and higher school engagement. Conclusion The case study findings indicated that program participants were able to improve academic performance, behavior, and relationships with adults. These results, taken into context with the challenges associated with this population, should spark a sense of hope and urgency in implementing similar programming in other high-need schools.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download Based upon these findings and factors, we highly recommend investing in the further development, research and evaluation of the BTM organization. Study Results Students 96% of students said BTM has helped them care about peoples’ feelings. 78% of students said that BTM has helped them go to school more often. 90% of students said BTM helped them to do better in school. 95% of students said BTM makes them feel better about themselves [...]

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Linda Marks: Even A Supermom Can’t Take the Place of A Dad | Over My Shoulder Foundation

Linda Marks: Even A Supermom Can’t Take the Place of A Dad   One of the hallmarks of this American culture is self-reliance. Messages about doing it all on our own, and being strong and tough and persevering abound, not only for men, but also for women. When a woman finds herself in the position of being a single mom raising a son on her own, most people look the other way and tell her to just carry on.Watch Brothers (2015) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download Young boys learn a lot from their Mom, but the value of a male model can’t be understated. Source: When my son was 4 ½, his dad and I divorced after being separated for about a year and a half.  I was the primary custodial parent, but my son did have contact with his dad.  However, when my son was 12, he and his dad stopped seeing one another.  My son had asked his dad to address some serious issues between them, and his dad responded by pulling away. Initially, the separation was very good for my son. He and I finally had the space for my son to have a more “normal life.”  Soccer, Red Sox games, movies and leadership conferences all became easier to take part in for my son with his life unencumbered by the issues with his dad. Realizing that my son needed good male role models in his life, I sought out organizations and activities that allowed my son to interact with male mentors. I found Boys to Men New England when he was 12, and over time, BTMNE became a critical part of the emotional foundation for my son’s life. [...]

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